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We appreciate your visit. But just like any venue, we have our own house rules. As soon as you are on our blog, you are in agreement with our house rules.

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We will try to keep you entertained and informed on mz119.net. From time to time, you’ll be able to find some interesting materials that you can relate to. It is important to note that all the articles here on mz119.net are original. We may cite another source or expert, but we only post original content. We work very hard (although it’s fun) to come up with fresh new materials for you.

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Our Claim To Fame Is Based On Our Experience

Our claim to fame is not based on some kind of professional expertise. We already made it clear that we don’t hold any kind of degree in psychology. But we can assure you that everything we share here is based on our experiences. When it comes to dating, we have a lot of experiences.

So we would like to reiterate that we’re not dating gurus or experts. We’re just regular people like you. The only difference is we decided to put everything into writing. We have enough (if not too much) dating escapades to back us up.

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Mz119.net is strictly a dating blog. It should not, in any way, be used to promote or sell a service or a product. You are welcome to share with us your thoughts so long as you keep that in mind.

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We will never tolerate messages that reflect hate and discrimination. Defamatory remarks are not and will never be welcome here.

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This particular house rule is simple. If you’re not yet 18, then you can’t be here. Mz119.net is a dating blog and therefore entails a more mature audience.

Keep our house rules in mind every time you hangout here with us on mz119.net.