Nice Things To Say To A Guy

what-to-say-to-men-datingWomen always love to be complimented. They’ll be shy about it. But they love it. It’s the same thing with guys as well. They feel good about themselves when a woman says something nice to them. There’s a positive vibe that comes with a compliment. It can really do wonders in a usual face-to-face interaction. So ladies keep this in mind It wouldn’t hurt to say something nice to a guy while on a date.

But unfortunately, women find it hard to compliment their dates. Often times, it’s the woman that wants to be complimented first. But to get the date going really well, there’s really nothing wrong with the woman saying something nice to the guy. A single line of compliment can really change a lot of things, most especially if a woman shows up late on a date. But seriously, a compliment can go a long, long way. An article, written by Frank Kobola, lists the top ten compliments every guy wants to hear. The list can definitely help every woman say something good about her date. Who knows what can happen after that.

Say Something Good About His Scent

Guys love it when women rave about their scent. It makes them feel good. They feel irresistible. It’s as if every woman in the room wants to be near them.

Compliment His Body

It wouldn’t hurt if a woman took some time to look at the guy’s body and say something good about it. She can pretend or maybe even look hard so that she can see and say something nice about the guy’s body. Every woman should know this. Guys want to hear something good about their butt. So that’s a good start.

Don’t Leave His Clothes Unnoticed

Guys also take some time to prepare for a date. They carefully choose the right clothes that can make them look cool and comfortable enough for the date. They may not pull it off so well but it wouldn’t hurt if the woman took some time to notice the effort. They may not be the best dresser but it wouldn’t hurt to congratulate them for the effort.

Laugh At His Jokes

The guy will feel totally thrilled if his date is laughing at his jokes. Nothing beats the sound of laughter on a date. It just makes the date a lot lighter and easier. The best way to show the guy some appreciation is by laughing at his jokes.

Make His Job Sound Enviable

Guys feel important when they hear that other people envy their job. They feel like they have more value because other people envy them. If a woman shows some kind of awe and envy towards his job, he’s definitely going to feel confident and valuable for the whole evening.

Don’t Miss Out His Lips

This is for every woman that wants to be kissed on a date. She should compliment the guy’s lips. She could say something like, “You’ve got great lips!” The guy will feel good. He’ll definitely have the confidence to lean over and to give that kiss. He won’t have to worry about getting smacked on the head.

These are just a few tips. There are more than a hundred ways to compliment a guy. Every woman should take some time out to think about this. A compliment isn’t just for women. It’s for guys as well. It’s the best way to show some appreciation. Positive words will definitely have a great impact on a date. So it wouldn’t hurt to say a compliment or two. As a matter of fact, more can go right than wrong.