How To Ask Her Out Tip From The Tao Of Badass

tao-of-badass-dating-tipsNot so long ago, my friends and I were pretty much just stuck with each other. We would spend Saturday nights together, playing poker. Undeniably, we were concealing the fact that we didn’t have anything better to do. This was until one of the guys got hold of a book called The Tao of Badass by Joshua Pellicer. I must say that it was very awkward at first. I think none of us admitted that we were a bunch of losers with women. I mean, if we weren’t, we wouldn’t have been spending Saturday nights together, right?

One Nasty Book

With a couple of bottles of beer and loud music playing, one of the guys mentioned something about Joshua Pellicer’s Tao of Badass. It sounded nasty but it sure was catchy. Initially we were making a joke out of it; cutting him off and making fun of him. But when he said something about the “bizarre chick trick” that could get us the woman of our dreams, we got curious.

According to him and this Tao Of Badass dating tips resource, the book guarantees 90% success with women. At the rate we were going, we’d be happy with something less than that. But with a 90% success rate, we thought it was worth listening to.

So the whole night we talked about it and found out a couple of dating tricks that could actually get a girl hooked on us. Of course at that point, that sounded more like miracles than tricks.

Anyway, the first “bizarre chick trick” we picked up was enough to get us excited about learning more about the Tao of Badass. This “bizarre chick trick” was to subconsciously look at the woman’s mouth while she spoke. Apparently, this can unleash one of her sexual triggers and who knows what can happen after.

What The Heck!

From one “bizarre chick trick” to another, we ended up until morning talking about the book. There were so many techniques about flirting and communicating to be learned. All these dating techniques gave hope to a bunch of guys like us! So we thought, what the heck! It was worth a try.

Hence, we ended up studying and applying most of the dating techniques and concepts from the book. One thing we did learn was that it definitely wasn’t an overnight thing. We had to practice, practice, and practice. But it really helped that we were a group. We supported and even laughed at each other in times of rejection.

Go For It!

It has been quite a while since we decided to transform ourselves into some kind of badass. But we made a great decision to go for it. Now, the guys and I have a life, We spend our Saturday nights out meeting women and applying all the “bizarre chick tricks”. The guys and I are more confident now with all the techniques we have picked up.

So does the Tao of Badass work? Yes, most of the time, it does. But here’s thing, a midst all the effective “bizarre chick tricks”, I learned that it really helps to take a deep, deep breath to ask a girl out.